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The Liverpool Labor Team

The Liverpool Labor team are community driven people who lived and worked in the Liverpool area for many years. They come from diverse backgrounds and reflect the face of our community today.

From the community, for the community.

Hard work - Integrity - Passion

Liverpool Labor have delivered a safer and stronger community. They have:

Liverpool Labor North Ward

Liverpool Labor North Ward

Nathan Hagarty

I am a current Liverpool Councillor and Labor’s candidate for Mayor.

I have spent my entire life in and around the Liverpool area. I spent the first few years of my life growing up in Cartwright and now live in Green Valley with my wife and two children.

Dad was a police officer and mum worked at Franklins. They made huge sacrifices to make sure I had a good home life and got a better education than they were able to.

I was the first in my family to attend and graduate from University. I attended Western Sydney University where I graduated with a Bachelor of International Studies.

Professionally, I’ve had roles in operations, product management and information technology. I’ve worked in the financial services, tertiary education and public sectors, including a stint at my alma mater, Western Sydney University. In addition to my duties at Liverpool City Council, I’m also the Chair of Western Sydney Migrant Resource Centre and a Director at Settlement Services International.

Through a lot of hard work and some good fortune, I’ve been able to achieve the potential my parents, family, friends, teachers and mentors all saw in me. I’m running for Mayor because I want everyone in Liverpool to have those same opportunities and to achieve their full potential.

I have the skills, experience and temperament to lead our amazing city. With your help the Liverpool Labor team and I can get there on December 4.

Ali Karnib

I have lived in Liverpool for decades, raising my family in our wonderfully diverse city. 

I am proud to have represented residents on Council and been a proud member of the Liverpool Labor team since 1999, serving as Deputy Mayor on three occasions. Bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience as an elected Councillor I am proud to run as candidate in this election.   

Family is extremely important to me. I will continue to work hard to make Liverpool the best place to live and raise a family as I have proudly done for over two decades.  

As a Councillor at Liverpool City Council and the President of the Lebanese Community Council of NSW, fostering and growing community connections in our multicultural community is an important priority for me. 

I stand as a candidate today to continue representing and working hard for residents of Liverpool and to grow opportunities for businesses and local employment. I am committed to ensure the residents of Liverpool receive the necessary services and infrastructure this city needs to make Liverpool the place to be. 

Lorraine Usher

I have resided in Liverpool for over 20 years, raising three adult children and now have seven grandchildren.

In my working life I have held senior roles as a Trade Union Official for over 30 years. The majority of the time as a State Secretary in the Energy Sector and then as a General Vice President in the National Union representing workers in the mining, energy, oil and
gas Industries.

Internationally I have held the position for Industrial Chair of the Women’s Committee for South East Asia and the Pacific working with the International Labour Organization to achieve outcomes for women.

Social justice and the values of fairness and equality are important to me. Throughout my career I have advocated for people who are often not in a position to represent themselves. I will bring these skills and  experience in advocating for the residents and communities of Liverpool to ensure the decisions made benefit the residents.

I am proud to stand as a Liverpool Labor candidate.

Ethan MonaghanI am a lifelong resident of Liverpool’s suburbs and have chosen to live in Casula.

I am the first in my family to attend University studying Law at Western Sydney University. It would not be possible for a son of a working class Italian immigrant to attend University without the great Labor Governments of Whitlam, Hawke, and Keating.

I have been a member of our Party since 2015 because of a strong belief in the core values of the Labour Movement of social justice, equality, and the economic advancement of the working class. In this brief period of time I have campaigned for ALP candidates at all levels of Government and stood as a candidate in the 2016 Liverpool Local Government elections.

It is extremely important to maintain a strong community presence on Liverpool Council. Competent, honest, and hardworking local representatives rather than those with vested interests in real estate and property development. 

Our city and surrounding suburbs deserve a high quality of life, and Local Government has a role to play in delivering this. It’s the small things that bug people the most; the overgrown verges, the dumped rubbish and mattresses, the stray cats, and potholes in our suburbs. We need a local team that can do the basics, and do them well.

This can only be achieved through the election of a Liverpool Labor Mayor and Councillors.

I have a strong work ethic, an eagerness to learn from my colleagues and the community, and am competent and honest. I pledge to conduct myself with the utmost propriety, in the best interests and solidarity of our Party, and to fulfil the expectations of any elected official.

It is my intention, and honour, to stand as a candidate for our great Party, and to represent the working people of Liverpool.

Chris Stanley

I have grown up in Liverpool as part of a proud south-western Sydney family.

I attended Lurnea Public and Lurnea High Schools and graduated from Western Sydney University.

I believe in the values of fairness and equality, especially for the community that I know best and love.

While there are many opportunities for Liverpool there will also be challenges. I will fight for the residents on these issues, including the development of the Western Sydney Airport and the need for transport connectivity; risks of natural disaster to our infrastructure, parks and wildlife; ensuring accessibility in all public services and places for people with disabilities and those less mobile.   

Our community needs a strong team. I look forward to representing our city and the Liverpool Labor team.

Liverpool Labor South Ward

Liverpool Labor South Ward

Charishma Kaliyanda

I was raised in Liverpool after, like many other Liverpool residents, migrating to the area with my  family as a young girl. I have worked with young people across many industries to build skills and capacities in the last 15 years. I strongly believe in the important role that young people must play as part of our diverse and robust decision-making structures.

I am a registered Occupational Therapist and currently work for headspace (the National Youth Mental Health initiative) in south west Sydney. In that role,  I build awareness of and reduce stigma around mental health and well-being so that young people can access the help they need. 

I know through my own family experience that sport has a huge role in building bridges between people and communities, so I am a champion for diversity in sport, as a Multicultural Ambassador for Hockey NSW (and a keen footballer!). 

I have been a guest speaker and panellist for UN Youth, Y Vote, Pravasi Bharatiya Divas and the Asian Australian Studies Research Network. I was named one of Australia’s rising political stars by Marie Claire and Women’s Agenda.

Liverpool is a place of richness and diversity. Our green spaces and family-friendly environment contribute to our city being the best place to live, work and build a thriving, dynamic community. However, we need to make sure that growing areas like ours get the infrastructure and resources we need. As a Strategic Advisory Committee member of the National Growth Areas Alliance (NGAA), I have put mental health and youth infrastructure on the agenda for Australia’s fast growing outer urban areas with both the federal and state governments. I will continue to do this and to fight for what Liverpool needs.

Accountability and transparency in public office is important to me and I am proud to have served as an elected councillor and part of the Liverpool Labor team these past four years. I have worked hard to ensure sustainable and responsible growth for Liverpool.  Although I am proud to be one of only 11 women elected to Council in Liverpool’s 144-year history, and one of the youngest, I want our Council to better reflect our whole community. 

I am running as a candidate to represent residents and ensure Liverpool continues to be the best place to live.   

Betty GreenI have been a Liverpool resident for over 40 years. Moving into Busby in the late 1970’s, I’ve seen Liverpool grow into a vibrant, dynamic city. 

I was first in my family to attend University, commencing as a mature age student I was awarded an Associate Diploma in Social Welfare. Returning to part-time study at Western Sydney University I graduated with a Bachelor of Adult Education (Honours) and am currently completing a doctoral study. 

Professionally I have worked in the women’s community health sector for 28 years in a number of roles including counselling, group work and as manager. Women’s health and domestic violence have been a focus of my work. In recent years I have been employed on short-term contracts tutoring in Family Violence, Social Policy and Crime, Violence and Gender.  

I am experienced in governance, having served on a number of community-based management committees and state-based boards.  Currently I serve as Chair of Bonnie’s Support Services.

Social justice, fairness and equality are important values to me. Listening to and respectfully working with community has been central in all aspects of my work. I have been honoured to be awarded a Centenary Medal in 2003, the Edna Ryan Award for Community Activism in 2006 and Western Sydney University Community Champion Alumni Award 2016.

I am proud to run as a Liverpool Labor candidate and believe the skills and knowledge I bring will contribute to a strong team committed to ensure the interests of residents and community come first.

Daniel Singleton

I have grown up in Liverpool attending local schools studying social work at Western Sydney University.

I believe Liverpool needs local representatives who have had the time to grow a deep affection for the city and local community. Ensuring the richness and diversity of our city is celebrated and respected is important to me.  

As a young person I bring vitality and a commitment to ensure Liverpool has the capacity to respond to the needs of our communities in a manner that is effective and fair. 

I am standing as a Liverpool Labor candidate in this election because it is important to me that residents continue to receive the necessary supports, services and infrastructure that they need.

Trish Glossop

I am a Registered Nurse & Midwife, with a graduate certificate in Child & Family Health, and a Master in Infant Mental Health. 

I have recently retired from a role as Perinatal & Infant Program Coordinator with Sydney South West Local Health District, as the Manager of Gunawirra South West Sydney and as an Infant Mental Health Coordinator at the NSW Institute of Psychiatry.

I currently serve a member on three Primary Health Committees and am a member of Liverpool Council’s Environment Committee. I am the vice president of Australian Association of Infant Mental Health NSW. The importance of improving the health and wellness of families and communities in Liverpool has been a decades long personal and career commitment.  

In collaboration with an Aboriginal colleague, I co-developed The Boomerangs Coolamon Parenting Program for Aboriginal parents and their young children which was awarded a Baxter award. 

I am proud to run as a Liverpool Labor candidate and represent the interests of residents and community on council in building a sustainable, healthy city of the future.

Alaa Ahmad

I have been a resident of Liverpool for 18 years. To me Liverpool is my home and an incredible place to live, work and study in. Growing up in the area I attended Lurnea Public and Lurnea High Schools. The diversity and multicultural environment of Liverpool helped shape and mould me, allowing me to be proud of being both Lebanese and Australian.

I am first in my family to have the opportunity to attend University, instilling in me a passion for education. I now work as a tutor where I strive to assist the next generation to achieve their dreams through the power of learning.

I am running as a candidate for local council because I believe the views and voice of my generation must be heard. I am immensely proud to represent the Liverpool Labor team.